Sunday, May 1, 2011

About me... the 200th post.

It has been bought to my attention that I should probably have an 'about me' page going on but I can never think what to include or not.  I have written some drafts but when I read through them, they just don't sound like me!  Do you have trouble writing about yourself?  When you visit a new blog, is the about me page the first place you head to?  I have read some fantastic about me pages and a couple of weeks ago FatMumSlim wrote a great post on 8 of the best about me pages written by some great people.

While you're waiting for what I am sure will be a riveting 'about me' page to arrive I give you this instead - "Six Secrets on Sunday".

  1. I read Mills and Boon books.  Sad I know.  I buy them for 20 cents from the local op shop and I have been reading them for years - probably since my mum used to work for the distributor and we ended up with boxes of coverless Mills and Boons in our house.  I even have a favourite Mills and Boon author (Penny Jordan).  Clicked away yet?  I will fully understand if you have.
  2. I was once so angry at my husband I threw the remote control at his head and (fortunately/unfortunately!!) missed.  I do not remember what we were fighting about anymore but I do remember the fury I felt at the time.
  3. I am addicted to catalogues and get super annoyed if my husband gets to the letterbox before me cause he throws them straight into the recycling bin (maybe this is why I threw a remote at his head).  I love the big thick ones that arrive from Target and Big W especially.
  4. Each time I was pregnant I have put on over 30kgs.
  5. When I was 18 I was caught shoplifting (!!!!).  I can now not ever look at or buy the Cellini brand of bags or purses without my heart racing in my chest and fear coursing through me.
  6. I was born and bred in Tasmania.
Ok, so they are not really secrets, I just liked all that alliteration!

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