Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My creative space... Cushion Swap

Oooo, eek, shockingly bad photo!  Sorry!

This is just a little hint of what I have been working on for the Cushion Swap I am participating in.  I'm not sure I like it actually, but am super nervous and wanted to stick with something simple that I could do well rather than try fancy new things that might stuff up, hence the simple granny square.  This will be the front of the cushion and then I was just going to do one giant granny square for the back using the same colours - blues and greys. 


You can see far more creative people over with Kirsty.

In other ever so lovely news, I won a wee facebook competition from Leslie at OneGirl Designwrks - a baby oobee sleep set pattern.  You can see her lovely work in her new shop just here.

Cute, yes? 


  1. I actually really quite like what you've done. The colours seem snuggly. :)

  2. I love those babushka dolls they're adorable (and the kids are pretty cute too!)


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