Thursday, May 19, 2011

My creative space...

....actually looks like this on a daily basis.  We are lucky (!!!) enough to have a front lounge and dining room that does not get a lot of use to for the time being I am free to turn it into this mess!  My poor husband has heart seizures every time he walks in here - especially when he spys those red Spotlight bags full of contraband!

I figured you might need a wee close-up of this little man, heading to a birthday boy this Saturday.  How cute is he?  I think I love the boys just as much as I love the girls! 

And I couldn't leave without including some kind of crochet!  This is a really lovely steel blue wool and a nice chunky 7mm hook.  I am trying out the chunky scarf pattern shared by The Royal Sisters the other day.  I think I praps need chunkier wool but I shall persist and see how she turns out.

Other creative spaces are over this way!


  1. Hi, i have just come over from our creative spaces. Did you make that amazing little doll? It's excellent! I'm also having a little chuckle at your wordless wednesday! looks like fun. count me at your 45th follower!

    xo em

  2. Bahaha about your Husband having heart attacks at the sight of your sewing space and your red spotlight bags of contraband!
    My hubby used to be the same as my crafting/sewing places used to be in our formal lounge/dining too. But I have since moved out to our garage as we were only using half of our double garage as he parks his car on the street. So he hardly has to see my area!

    The scarf is looking good.

  3. I love the superhero babushka!

  4. Looks like a busy space. I wish I had an area that I could use like that (but lost it in the move)
    Love the little doll - he is very cute.

  5. You're so lucky to have two whole rooms to be creative in - enjoy!

  6. YOu are very lucky to have a space that you can just let it all hang out and get CREATIVE! Which you do in such a special and talented way. x

  7. How wonderfulto have such a big space! Love your doll too.


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