Sunday, May 8, 2011

Point and Shoot: Mother's Day Weekend

We have had a very busy, full house this weekend with both my sisters and my mum flying in for a quick visit and a Mother's Day treat. After arriving on Friday morning we had a jaunt into the city we're I paid $51 for approximately 5 minutes of parking! We did have some yummy cupcakes in Degraves Lane and found the most adorable vintagey type shop upstairs in the Nicholson building. I bought two lovely soft touch crochet hooks that have been a dream to work with.

We spent most of Saturday morning at Westfield Doncaster before heading home to beautify ourselves. We had dinner in the city at Rosati and then literally jogged in our heels down to the theatre to watch Anthony Warlow in Dr Zhivago - a movie my mother must have watched 107 times by now.

A late night for us then a super early morning to run the family back to the airport.

Just sharing a few happy snaps from my iphone. One day I really am going to invest in a proper camera.

Miss Matilda posing in front of the lovely babushka shop in the city.

Some sibling love.

Oscar's welcoming committee at school pick up on Friday. They all cheered him down the stairs - otherwise known as hellish embarrassment for a 7 year old!

My sister and I and our matching shoes. Caught a couple of ladies laughing at us in the loo line up - I am sure they were just jealous of our red peeptoe goodness.

My big sister Melinda, my mum, my other big sister Tania and I. Poor mum looks a bit short here but we were all in heels and she was in flats having just come out of knee surgery.

My only purchase from Westfields on Saturday (apart from coffee of course!) - and what a bargain for $12.97!

Hot air balloons snapped on the way home from the airport this morning. This image is quite deceptive because they were quite close, I could see the people in them shivering through the early morning clouds and fog!

What did you get up to this Mother's Day weekend?
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  1. Sounds like a perfect mothers day weekend! I love the school pick up embarrassment;)
    Your iPhone takes pretty good snaps! I take all mine on your run of the mill 'point & shoot' camera but I dream of an SLR.....

  2. Ah, this post just looks like everything Melbourne to me- sounds like you have a very awesome mother's day!


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