Thursday, January 31, 2013

My creative space...

Some very relaxed creating around here this week after the big finale of Mario!  According to my stats 122 people hit on him for a looksie so that was nice to feel the love after all that hardwork!  It's lovely to see him being put to use as well as the boys wake up at some ungodly hour and sit wrapped up in him while quietly watching cartoons and waiting for me to feed them.
I started trialling some new crochet squares for a new baby blanket.  This pattern is out of a Mollie Makes magazine and I have used it before to make a lovely cushion.  I love the puff stitches and the cluster stitches in the centre circle which is why I keep coming back to it.

I've been watching some beautiful colours and quilt blocks emerge over on instagram under the tag #scrappyquiltalong so I thought I might give it a go.  Who cares that I know nothing really about quilting!  I can see how these are addictive!  This is my first one and it was very simple to do and used up some scrappy bits I have been unable to part with my from my stash.
I have followed this tutorial...

And since I can't justify watching rubbish on tv without busy hands I made this simple but super pretty crochet motif from this lovely book last night.  I think they would be lovely as a set done in twine or something and then used as coasters.  The pattern was so easy to do!


  1. You have been so busy this week! the crochet looks great and I think I need to start cutting all my scraps into strips!

  2. loving the new crochet squares and really you are a multi tasking genius!! happy days lovely girl x

  3. The quilt is looking really nice. Nice colour combo and design

  4. I love quilting too, been years, would love to have a crack but trying not to put my hand in too many pies at the moment. maybe soon.

  5. You are such a crafty minx! Love what you're working on here lady. The scrappyquiltalong thingy looks gorgeous xo


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