Thursday, February 17, 2011

My creative space...

I attempted to make my first softie this week.  I'm not sure it worked out as well as it could have and there are certainly things I will do differently next time.  I bought this lovely pattern from The Red Thread...

with this very sweet little face!

I actually wanted to make a trial Ooshka first since my sewing skills are quite questionable and so I have only used some cheap fat quarters from Lincraft.  I also didn't want to ruin that beautiful face above my sticking her onto a freaky doll so I tried to make a felt one (which the pattern gives you directions for as well).

Are you ready for her?

And her felty face.

And her scary bottom join.

So, some issues...
  • Next time I wont use cheap iron-on stuff for the face.  It hasn't stuck very well and I would be reluctant to give her to a small person to play with in case her face got eaten off.  So praps I should have sewn her eyes and lips and cheeks as well as ironed them on.
  • I definately would make her again as the instructions were really easy to follow but she really, really needs some nice fabric in her body and some embellishments, like a nice scarf round her neck and a flower for her hair (which the pattern suggests anyway).
  • I need to know how to finish that opening off nicely.  Once I turned her in the right way and stuffed her I was a bit perplexed with how the professionals tidy up her bottom.  Tips anyone?
I'm actually going to buy the boy pattern as well since he comes with super cute little glasses and a cape!

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  1. She's lovely! I have the same trouble with the bottom, I decided to and stitch and add a little ribbon tag to disguise it a bit,and slightly more to the side. It turned out well, but fiddly..

  2. She's adorable, great work!! Looking forward to seeing your next one.

    Are softies the new crochet??

    For finishing, I usually use ladder stitch to close up holes, I reckons there's be plenty of tutorials on the interwebs.

  3. I think it's great, it's your first softie! Pat on the back for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. The issues, well that's just practise/learning! Well done!

  4. oops. signed in with the wrong acount :P

  5. She look fantastic! With the opening at the bottom, I tend to only leave a small one - like an inch or so. Takes longer to do the stuffing (I used a long stuffing tool (but you can also use a chopstick), but then it's also easier to sew up at the end.

  6. She's so sweet! What a terrific job you've done. I take inspiration because I am always saying that I will do something 'sewy' and I never do. I'm soooo impressed that you're actually doing it! x

  7. I have similar issues with closing up the space in things when stuffed/turned out - there is an invisible sort of stich in a couple of my old-school sewing books but...

    ...I suck at it. ;)

  8. There is a good tutorial on Melly and Me for closing up stuffies. It really helped me. That being said you did a pretty good job.

  9. Oh well done. Just an idea if your worried about her face falling off just go around the pieces with a fine blanket stitch in the same colour it will make it safe and adds a nice hand stitched feel.


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