Monday, February 7, 2011

A wee giveaway.... just because.

Are you feeling the love yet?  Getting ready for Valentines Day?  We tend to not make too much fuss in this house about it.  Which really means, I'd like there to be a fuss but the chances are slim and really there is no point getting my knickers in a twist about it year after year cause I knew all about his anti-acknowledgement of various occasions before I got in too deep!

I have been busy faking the love though in this house, getting the smalls to draw lovehearts, colouring them in and cutting them out just to give to people they love - most have been coming my way I'm pleased to report!  I'd like to share it around a bit and have decided to give this sweet little crochet heart garland away.  I made it from this free tutorial over here if you want to have a go at some yourself.  It's not perfect, but seriously, love never is.  All you need to do to win is leave me a little comment telling me who/what you love and why.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday this week to give me a chance to pop it in the post so it gets to you by Valentine's Day on Monday.  And I'm sorry to all of my international readers (there aren't any I'm sure since I only have about 3 people who follow me!) but this is only open to Australian residents.

Just to extend the crochet love a little further, I have been obsessed with making these:

Crochet granny triangle bunting!  I found this wonderful tutorial over here.  I am joining in with Meet Me at Mikes: Make this Monday for this.  You should pop on over to Pip's and see all the lovely things that other people are making.

Just for fun I'm also linking in with FatMumSlim's point and shoot because this is all I managed to take photos of this weekend.  With my iphone mind you because it appears my actual camera has gone walkabout, so apologies for the very bad photos!


  1. They are just the cutest! Very clever too, I can't make things to save myself ;) x

  2. I love bunting! And garlands! I just do. They make me happy. And so do you! x

  3. I love my boys though they can be so exasperating at times!!!!

  4. Clever you! I'm loving that I have a husband who doesn't have to leave for work until 8.30 now - that's a whole 2.5 hours later than in the past - I'm in heaven!

  5. I love your crochet. Seriously. Love it :)


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