Sunday, February 20, 2011

Point + Shoot: Isaac on the Iphone

I should change this post from a thoughtful point + shoot and start calling it 'random iphone shots'!  Has anyone else found that with an iphone your actual camera hardly ever makes an appearance?

Sunday afternoon, driving home from Venus Bay in the car. 
I looooove how Curious George is safely tucked into his seatbelt.

Isaac's pen drawing of us.  Loving how he is doing his M's with the three strokes down and one across the top.

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  1. Gorgeous Pics! And the monkey poking his head out makes it even cuter!

  2. Aww... That's lovely. Love Curious George. So cute that he's kept nice and safe too.

  3. They always look so sweet and innocent when they're sleeping (even the monkey!)

  4. beautiful drawing and sleeping little one.

  5. Super cute! I do find that I'm getting my 'real' camera out much less now that I have an iPhone. Thanks for playing along. x


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