Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings

It's the last day of summer but I am sooo cold I am wearing a cardigan and slippers and my nose is running.

Whilst blowdrying my hair on the weekend I noticed it kinda smelled like it was burning and close to blowing up.  Then I realised the smell was from a dead cockroach that had somehow found it's way in there.  So I have been blowdrying dead cockroach into my hair for who knows how long.

I cant remember the last time I cooked dinner.  My husband does it most nights and when he's not around I survive on jam toast.

I think I would like to go back to work so I can have money to buy things I want without having to spend three hours (and various sexual favours!) explaining to the money earner why they are required.

This weekend I managed to add even more babushka's to my daughters room.  One day she is going to be old enough to tell me she hates them and would rather have a Barbie or Dora instead.

The Oscar's are on and I think they are boring (!), praps because I cant remember the last time I watched a recent movie.  I'd rather they had everyone stand in a big line so I could see what everyone was wearing and be judgy judgemental from the safety of my slippers and my couch.

My husband is going away for work and for boat racing quite a lot over the next few weeks.  I'm excited because that means I can stay up all night watching trashy tv and crocheting without being harrassed about coming to bed.

I think my MIL thinks I am a bad housekeeper.  And a bad parent.

I think sometimes she just might be right.

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  1. Hey - if he's leaving you on your own for a few weeks, you get to decide what to do. If that's trashy V and crochet ... why not?! I'm just the same when my husband goes off on his (frequent) business trips and I really enjoy it!


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