Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... sprained ankles.

Ok, so I'm not really grateful for the fact that I fell over myself at netball, landed on my face and sprained my ankle rendering me incapable of walking for the past three days, but I'm sure you'll get my drift when I say that by doing said fall I have had the perfect excuse to sit on the couch, catch up on Foxtel and crochet up a storm!

Just ordered the pattern for this gorgeous Grandma Daisy Cushion from The Royal Sisters,

and after a crazy hobbling visit to Spotlight for some wool this morning, the pattern and my crochet hook will be keeping me company on the couch today!

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  1. Always look for a silver lining and you will find it.
    Hope you are resting up and your ankle is healing. x
    Gorgeous cushion.

  2. wonderful excuse! hope you weren't in too much pain.
    enjoy the crafting..and watching ♥

  3. Thank goodness you have 'down time' projects that you love doing. Secretly I would quite like to sprain an ankle, just for a little while. What a great excuse to craft! x

  4. So have you discovered Ravelry yet? It's a knitter's/crocheter's paradise. (

    Hope you day was as productive as you hoped it would be.

  5. Wow - sprained ankles are just awful! I was at netball myself this morning and almost rolled mine too! I hope you recover well. The physio in me is wondering how you're looking after it? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. That is the key, and make sure you start to weight bear when you can tolerate the pain. And keep wiggling it around - otherwise it'll stiffen up on you. Enjoy the excuse to lounge around! Popped over from Maxabella's place x

  6. Oh no! Always helpful to see the glass as half full and not half empty. The cushion looks like fun! I had a number of people praising your crocheting skills on my blog today ;)

  7. That cushion is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Hope you're back on your feet soon :)


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