Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Oscar

Are you ready for a photo fest?

Oscar, freshly home from hospital.  Can someone please tell me what to do with this small person???

Oscar's first birthday - Spot the Dog theme, including the overalls he's wearing where the little bib on the front opened up to reveal all of Spot's friends!  And yes, I still have it. 

Oscar turns 2 with an Oscar the Grouch cake (special tin bought from ebay and I've only ever used it once!) and the truck cake below which we had at a party we shared with another little friend.

Oscar turns 3 with a HUGE train cake!  Word to the wise - never make a cake this big and then have to put it in the car to travel to the party.  You will be freaking out the entire time about its safe arrival. 

Oscar turns 4 with The Cat in the Hat!  Possibly my favourite cake I've made. 

 Oscar turns 5 with a party in the park and a slightly wonky Lightening McQueen cake.  Word to the wise - cakes need to be bigger than this if you are expecting everyone to get a piece!

Oscar turns 6 with a Traffic School party and a traffic themed cake - complete with a cherry ripe bridge!


And one 7 year old boy with his dad this morning, off to school.

We love you buddy and hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. So cute! I wish my mother had made me awsome cakes like that... Or that i was skilled enough to make one! My cake stacking abillites are rather poor.
    Anyway! I Get to send you a cushion for the cushion swap thingy! Yay, I hope you will like it!

  2. Goooo Oscar. Seven seems very grown-up, doesn't it? My Maxi is seven on 6 May so our boys are very close in age. I can't believe they are seven already.

    Your cake making ability is TOPS! x


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