Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The holes are where the love goes.

Day two of the school holidays and I think the smalls have already started ganging up on me - trading turns on who is going to misbehave the most during the course of the day.  So far, Isaac appears to be winning.  If I told you about the way we had to leave the shops this afternoon, you'd either die laughing or hang your head in shame with me.  Lets just say it involved A LOT of screaming about bey blades, mean mummies and an apparent lack of treats and chocolate milk.

I had a sad start to the day as well, attending the funeral of my friend's mum who had gone missing at the start of the month.  I haven't been to many funerals in my life (lucky for me really) and I found this one particularly hard and very sad.  I felt like calling my own mum straight afterwards and find myself at times like these wishing we lived in the same state at least.

Instead, I am sending her this little crocheted scarf number, modeled by the almost 7 year old!  I read a lovely little saying once about granny squares and their ability to keep you warm since they are full of holes.  Apparently the holes are where the love goes.

Dont be tricked by that sweet face - I still have the screaming for bey blades ringing in my ears!

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