Friday, April 29, 2011

My Creative Space.... & Animation Friday!

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It's all about birthday cakes round here this week!
 This is heading to Oscar's bowling party tomorrow and I do hope there is enough to go round the 17 children we have ended up with!

This is almost an exact replica of the Pinata cake from the Womens Weekly birthday cake books and was much easier to do than I thought - the chocolate shell kinda looked intimidating at first but slipped right out of the bowl and onto the cake exactly as the recipe said it would.  The worst bit was attaching all the coloured smarties and m&ms - an almost 2 hour labour of love! - one for the cake, one for me!

You can join in with Cintia's animation Fridays over this way and Kirsty's creative spaces are right here!

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  1. Gosh that is simply stunning!!! I was intrigued by the roundness until I read your words. I hope they loved it. I adore the idea of filling it with chocolate coins. It's just brilliant!


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