Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At my house....

Joining in with Lou's blog this week as well... Quite the little joiner, aren't we! (Is that a movie line - maybe from 'Heathers' with Winona Ryder? Can anyone cofirm or deny?)

We have been very industrious in the kitchen today making 'chop chop' biscuits on a stick....

and being a super organised, super mum (cue manic laughter!!!) I have already organised and prepared the small peoples dinner. Porcipines on mash! Remember those: mince with rice sticking out so they look like porcipines with a tin of tomato soup dumped on top. All the little people in this house tend to eat them and ask for more so it's frequently on the menu here.

ps. for any interested parties, the 'chop chop' biscuits are out of the box (Betty Crocker baby!) and and dont forget to soak your sticks before cooking if your turing them into lolly pops like me. And my mince porcipine recipe is simply: 500grams mince, 1/2 cup rice, grated onion, salt and pepper. Mix together well and roll into small balls. Pop into a casserole dish and pour over a tin of tomato soup and a tin of water. Cover and cook for an hour or so. Careful, they are super hot when they come out!


  1. Love those 'chop chop' biscuits! I do remember porcupines from childhood! A friend of mine used to have them everytime I went to her house for dinner, or so it seemed. They'd go very well with my 'easy peasy dinner winner' recipes that i post every tuesday - would you mind if i used it as a 'guest recipe' sometime soon, unless you have another one you'd prefer?


  2. mmmnn... I don't remember the porcupines from my childhood, but I'll definitely be giving them a go for my children.

  3. Oh I remember porcupines and we have even had them a couple of times at my house with my children. They do tend to be a winner.

    The biscuits look so cute on a stick. Great reminder to soak the sticks too as I would have forgotten.

    No idea where the 'joiner' quote comes from but thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  4. I think next time the kids and I do some baking together we might try those biscuits on a stick. Funny you mention porcupines because I made them for dinner last week after not having done so for ages. And everyone wanted more.

  5. Hi Sonia. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I use www.bighugelabs.com to make a 'mosaic' of photos when I have a group of photos together on my blog. As far as I know you can't just do it on blogger. There are other sites that do the same. It does take extra time but sometimes is nice to keep the post a bit shorter.

    PS - You don't have your email address on your blogger account so I couldn't reply straight back to your email. It is an option in the set up if you did want to add it - can't remember exactly where but can look it up if you are having trouble finding it. Lou.

  6. Just used your porcupine recipe as a guest recipe in my dinner winners this week - thanks! If you have any more - I've just started a linky!


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