Sunday, July 4, 2010

Things I dood....

So says Mr 3 anyway!

We are in the middle weekend of school holidays here and surprisingly we are still sane! I think one needs a plan to survive two weeks of three small people with nary a break to breathe - or even visit the loo on your own! We've visited friends and been visited by friends, been to birthday parties, scooted round the block screaming about cranky legs when we approach the hills and made potato heads at shopping centres. Papreplate dinosaurs have also been particulary present this week. We've only visited one park though (thanks cold, rainy Melbourne weather)! And yesterday I took the boys to Toy Story 3. Have you seen it yet? Oscar and Isaac love, love, loved it. (And truthfully so did their mummy.) Ken totally steals the show in the movie!

Got any good school holiday ideas you'd like to share?

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