Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twi hard as I might, it still happened...

I really did try to avoid it. I read the books a while ago, skimmed them actually and didn't really think much of them at all. Too teenage angsty for me thanks, slight Mills & Boon tendency too, although with a whole lot less sex! My sister made me watch the first movie too and I really just wanted to giggle my way through it. Team Edward, Team Jacob... I was on Team Who Cares! I needed something to read the other day and grabbed it off the bookshelf to flick through... and, well, I dont really know how it happened but I got sucked in. I actually read all of it in one day (dont ask me how I managed it as I have those 3 small people who seem to follow me everywhere)! Then Darren's shirts needed ironing (and there were A LOT of them) and I stuck it in the dvd player purely to avoid having to watch Days of our Lives, and I got sucked in a little bit more. I ordered the second movie on Foxtel and managed to read book number 2 in 2 days and if Glee hadn't been on tv tonight I would have finished number 3 as well. I'm off to see the movie tomorrow night with some other truly obsessed women and I cant wait! I found out today as I was googling (yes, I even went to the dedicated fan website) that they are turning book number 4 into two movies, just to stretch us out a little more. Oh, what a tease! Anyone else want to join me in this obsession? Please, dont leave me out here on my own!

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  1. I'm so excited that I'm not the only over 30 (okay 35) Twihard prepared to confess. Great clip to post too. The foreplay is pretty well better than the sex most of the time anyway. I have now read all 4 books 9 (yes it says 9) times. I just can't help it. Come on people, say your worst.


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