Thursday, July 22, 2010


I found this in this months Notebook magazine. You can also go straight to the source here! Some random awesome things from our house:
  1. Waking up early on a school morning and managing to get everything dressed, packed and ready with time to spare... meaning I have time to straighten my hair and wear makeup!
  2. Getting fishy lip kisses from the small people.
  3. Finding chocolate in the back of the pantry that you had forgotten that you'd hidden there...
  4. Finding it after everyone else has gone to bed so that you don't have to share it!
  5. Fresh new magazines... especially recipe ones! Currently loving Donna Hay's kid's magazine.
  6. Winning netball, especially as I was the goal shooter which is not normally my position.
  7. Cooking one meal for everyone... and finding that everyone eats it!

What is going on at your house that you think is 'awesome'?


  1. All of the above!!! I'm following your blog as I suspect we have a fair bit in common!!

  2. PS - I should have mentioned "all of the above but not the netball bit" as I'm no netball player!

  3. All of those things would be awesome!!!!

    I had to laugh at the first one - that would soooo make my day!!

    I have seen donna hay kids mentioned a lot but every time I ask for it at the newsagents no one has it! why?!


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