Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons I've learnt...

I'm not sure about you, but my entire life is in my wallet. I've had several heartattack moments where I've thought that I'd lost it and just about been in tears only to find it buried beneath a pile of I-dont-know-what in my handbag! The worst thing I do whilst shopping is leave it on top of the pram tucked into the shade part that you pull forward - and I'm telling you now, I will never do it again after today! As usual, I had loaded Matilda and my handbag and shopping into the car, folded the pram in half (at which point my wallet must have dropped out and landed just under my car) and popped it into the boot and drove off none the wiser. I had actually left the shopping centre carpark and driven down the street when some mad lady starts honking her horn, flashing her lights and madly waving something at me in her windscreen! You can obviously guess what it was. She'd seen me pull out of the spot, saw my wallet on the ground and, bless her cotton socks, decided to give chase in her car. Seriously, what a wonderful woman.

Have you ever lost your wallet? Found a wallet?


  1. Thank goodness for Samaritans like that lady. I lost my wallet a few years back and it was such a horrible feeling. All those cards and bits and bobs. The amazing thing was, it was posted to me in the mail by some lovely person who found it a few months later... there is so much good in the world, really.

  2. I have lost my phone doing the exact same thing!! thankfully kind people found me and returned it! I still keep things in that spot on the pram, you think I'd learn!!

  3. Amazing. You were so lucky. What's the bet you didn't even have $10 to reward her with. Hope you got her details or something to send her a massive thanks. People like that restore my faith in humanity, and let me tell you, it needs restoring.

  4. Amazing. You are so lucky. And I bet you didn't even have $10 to reward her with. I hope you got her details to send her thanks later. It's people like that that restore my faith in humanity.

  5. I am always losing my doggone wallet. Always. In fact just today I drove 40 mins away from home to have coffee with a friend - only to get there and realise I didn't have my wallet and only had 25 cents kicking around in the bottom of my bag. THen I get home and realise my wallet was in the car all along.

    And just tonight my husband walked in - holding my wallet - and says, where do you want this.

    My flipping wallet.

    Oh and I am regularly doing the top of the pram thing, all the time.


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