Friday, July 30, 2010

Have you signed up?

I finished my first book from Mamamia's bookclub and loved it! I think you should head on over and read it yourself.

I just bought her second recommendation, Allison Pearson's 'I don't know how she does it' for $5.65 from ebay! Gotta love a bargain!

What are you reading right now? I love to read and then re-read and then just to be sure, I'll read it again. I've read the following books several times each and highly recommend you do the same!

The Book Thief - Marcus Zusak

Tully - Paullina Simons

She's come undone - Wally Lamb

Mallawindy and Henry's Daughter - Joy Dettman

The Memory Keepers Daughter ( I cant find my copy on my shelf & I cant remember the author, sorry!)

I'd love to hear any suggestions/recommendations from you.

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