Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snooping with Kootoyoo

This is a not very good photo of my bookshelf in our family room.  Normally it's partially concealed by an armchair as my husband HATES it.  I was too frightened to give you a closer in detail look as really it is full of books and magazines and other things hidden in between and it needs a massive clean out. 
Things you'd probably learn if I let you get closer:
  • I love cookbooks and cooking magazines.  I tend to keep all the Donna Hay ones and tear things out of the rest for inspiration.  Problem is I am not the chef in this house and bake rarely for fear I wont stop eating whatever I may have baked.
  • I read to much chick lit - Jodi Piccoult, Maeve Binchy, Paulina Simons, Joy Dettman, Anita Shreve etc are all there, along with the usual suspects (Stephen King, some Harry Potter and the Twilight Series (!!!)).
  • I dont dust. 
  • Random items I cant be bothered putting away end up in that white box at the bottom (nail polish, old birthday cards, bits of lego saved from the vacuum...).
  • My library books are overdue.
  • I spend toooo much money on magazines that I then cant throw away.
Would you like to snoop in some other people's shelves?


  1. library books are always overdue. Thanks for playing.

  2. yes to overdue at the library - but seriously, the incentive is not really there at 25cents...

    the 'other things' box - i just make piles of these seemingly daily.

    I am also same way w magazines, but have reduced what i buy now there is www.

    Nice ikea shelf - we have 2 soon to be three of these!

  3. What great shelving! I know IKEA have something like that but here in Tassie we don't have IKEA - sucks.

    I liked having a look at your picture - there is so much to see and 'read'.

    Thanks for sharing!


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