Friday, March 11, 2011

Animation Friday - It's Playschoooool!

animated gif maker

Matilda and I got out to a Playschool Concert yesterday.  Seriously the cutest thing ever is watching a bunch of small people singing and dancing uninhibited!  This little lady took a while to warm up and in fact had a complete FREAK OUT when the Playschool song first started!  As you can see though she was certainly getting her groove on by the end. 

Sweet little fingers making 'diamonds' for twinkle twinkle star.

Our presenters, Abby and Teo. 

And yes, we did get sucked in by the merchandise table.  Could you have resisted a miniture Humpty and a miniture Jemima???


  1. That's so cute! I'm glad you went and enjoyed it so much. I wasn't so brave! x

  2. ditto re maxabella.
    I thought long and hard about going, but it was on at nap time so i couldnt face the crankyness.
    Emma loves humpty.
    Your animation is great, I love action shots
    x cinti


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