Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space...

I had a hankering this week to make one of those lovely fabric rolls to store my crochet hooks, some little scissors and a nice big needle for stitching all those ends in.  Previously, I have kept them in a vertical tin with a lid but was finding I had to tip them all out to find what I was looking for.

A quick search on google for fabric roll tutorials bought some marvellous results with lots of different ideas.  I have used this one.  It was super easy to follow which was good because my sewing skills and understanding of terminology is limited at best. 

Two things I learnt:
  • The tutorial uses two long thin strips to make the ties.  This is all well and good and looks quite nice and matchy match but I found them a real bugger - turning two long thin sewed bits inside out took me over an hour and lots of swearing!  Even following their advice of using a chopstick was not as simple as it sounds.  This part took me longer than making all of the rest.
  • Reading through all of the instructions and making sure you understand them all is such a good idea.  Why did I not do this?  As a consequence you will notice that the nice black babushka fabric that I wanted on the outside has somehow ended up on the inside.  Whoops.
Sorry about the sideways pictures - I rely far too much on my iphone for picture taking and it really isn't marvellous.

Here tis laying on my granny stripe rug (Lucy's pattern from Attic 24) that I'm currently making.  See that cheery yellow - yes, that is supposed to be on the inside.

The inside pocket for storing all the crochet hooks is the blue fabric.  I have folded the top down so that when the fabric roll is rolled up all the hooks stay in their pockets.

You can see why I wanted that lovely babushka fabric on the outside and the boring yellow on the inside. 

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  1. Your hook case loks lovely and I'm loving the colours you're using on your balnket. Well done!

  2. It's very nice and well, I also like the boring yellow! I think I'm a bit dull in my print choices at the best of times. Sad, but true. x

  3. I like the colours you've chosen for the blanket. I'm tempted to try something like this but am not sure I have the patience! And I love the yellow print on the outside ... if you'd never said, no-one would ever have known it was supposed to be the other way round!!

  4. Ooh, I've been meaning to make one of these for my hooks for ages! Very cute babushka fabric but I think the yellow is sweet too :-)


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