Thursday, March 3, 2011

My creative space...

Am I ever to come up with my own individual post or am I destined to just hop onto everyone else's linking in like a big fat copycat?

I fear it may be the second option.  I have an excuse this week though - an icky headcold which I am self diagnosing as having today developed into tonsilitis.  Time for a doctor, no.  Time for craft, hell yeah!

My apologies in advance for the dreadful iphone photos.  I put the Hipstamatic app on there today and was playing around a bit.  Clearly I still haven't quite worked it out!  (I blame my head, my throat and those annoying small people who keep demanding my attention, love and food at various times throughout the day).

Creative Thing Number 1:

My second softie attempt using the pattern from The Red Thread.  Super easy to follow and I used one of their pretty faces rather than my own felt attempt.  Much better I think.  She just needs some closing at the bottom and then a wee scarf.

Creative Thing Number 2

I finally took the plunge and hacked into dead nanna's doilies... and they are gorgeous as bunting!  Do you likey?  I do!  And I got to make two because of the whole cutting them in half business.  Now I just need to have a tea party so I can use them as fancy decorations or something.

Creative Thing Number 3

I started a granny stripe rug for my big boy.  He turns 7 in April so I am aiming to finish by then to add to his birthday present.  He has always loved a good snuggle on the couch with a blanket so I think this will be perfect for that, and I am loving using some 'boy' colours.  (Just so you know I am using Lucy's pattern for granny striping and I am finding it quite straightforward).

Would you like to see some other creative spaces?  You should pop over here then. 


  1. I love the babushka, so pretty!

  2. Wow you have been busy!!! Love the softie doll she's a cutie :)

  3. Hope you start feeling a bit better soon. I love that lace bunting. Gorgeous! Such a good idea.

  4. Love the bunting - gorgeous!

  5. Oh the Ooshka is lovely, gorgeous work, love Posie

  6. I love the bunting. Very beautiful
    Thanks for stopping by

  7. Your Ooshka is gorgeous, I have two of my own as well.

  8. The bunting is beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I love love love the colour combination you're using. It's marvelous. Can't wait to see it finished!

    I'm a little nervous about the edging, but I guess I'll figure that out when I get there. :)

  10. Cute Babushka :)
    I have a few doilies that I don't like using as well, doilies... but I haven't been game to cut into them yet... Still hoping to find some other way to use them ;) Yours look cool... I might be persuaded yet to cut into mine!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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