Monday, March 14, 2011

Point and shoot: A sick weekend

I would date and time this shot, but really it would suit any one of the past 48 hours.  My littlest person has been throwing up since late Friday night, hence the consistent dozing on the couch surrounded by towels and a bowl.  It's not attractive to think about but I have cleaned up about 20 chucks and I am OVER it!  I dont know about anyone else but I'd take poo over vomit anyday.

To make matters worse, my husband is absent this weekend as well, so I have dealt with this all on my lonesome.  My poor big boys have been planted in front of the tv for two days (which I'm certain is there version of heaven anyway).

Feel free to leave sympathy in bucket loads.  Or run from here as fast as you can for fear of catching germs.

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  1. Oh dear! I certainly hope the little one is better soon! Nothing worse at all. So heartbreaking when you can't help them.
    mmm... I think I'd take poop over vomit any day too. Sure, I'd rather neither, but if it really came down to it and I had to choose... I'd take the poop!
    nb: as long as said poop has not been done in the bath, as my two year old has decided to do three times and counting, the yep. I choose poop.

  2. You poor thing! That's super stressful.

    I hope she gets better soon. x

  3. oh.. poor bubba!!
    feel for you.. we had an overnight stay the other week due to vomiting.. eeek!!

    thanks for stopping by on the weekend..
    they were red 'sloggers' clogs..

  4. Totally agree about the poo over vomit.
    I just hate cleaning that stuff up.
    And then the smell just seems to go through everything.

    Thinking of you.


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