Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A tale of four bedrooms.

7pm.  Boys go to bed in their seperate rooms.
8pm.  Boys actually go to sleep.
8pm. Sit with Matilda in her room while she falls asleep.
8.45pm.  Still sitting while she uses her cot as a trampoline.
9.15pm.  Give up and let her watch Packed to the Rafters.
10pm.  Darren goes to bed.
10.44pm.  Matilda falls asleep on the couch.
11pm.  Attempt to transfer her to bed.... success!
11.15pm.  Go to bed myself.
11.45pm. Isaac tiptoes into Oscar's bed.
12.15am.  Isaac tiptoes into our bed.
12.17am.  Isaac tells us he has a sore tummy.
12.18am.  Isaac throws up.
12.25am.  Vomit clean up. Isaac, Daddy and I got back to bed in our king size bed.
12.36am.  Apparently Daddy cant go to sleep in the middle of the bed.
12.40am.  I move into Isaac's bed.
2am.  Matilda wakes up and tiptoes into our bed.
2.01am.  Matilda cant find mummy in her usual spot and starts screaming.
2.02am.  Mummy leaves Isaac's bed, collects Matilda from Daddy and Isaac in the king size bed and goes back to Isaac's single bed.
2.30am Oscar gets in with Daddy and Isaac.
5am.  Daddy's alarm goes off.
5.15am.  I attempt to sneak from Isaac's bed (leaving Matilda in there) and go back to my own bed with Oscar and Isaac.
5.18am.  Matilda joins us.
6.30am  The re-set alarm goes off again. 

Another restful night complete.

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