Friday, March 4, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... girl's weekends.

(My babies on board the Spirit of Tasmania, Christmas 2009.  Clearly it was a bit windy!)

This weekend, Matilda and I are having a girly weekend.  My husband has taken the boys to Tassie for the weekend on the Spirit - a boys weekend for them of speedboat racing and playing with various grandparents.

Which leaves me and my girl with big plans.
  • We are off to the Red Hill Market on Saturday morning.  Have you been to this glorious event?  I plan on eating my way around it and getting inspired by everyone's craftiness.
  • We are having a Stitch and Bitch session at my place on Saturday night with some lovely ladies - I will be attempting to pass on some of my crochet s.kills (!!!)  The fridge is crammed with chocolate and champagne.  Do we need anything else???
  • Sunday we have scheduled a trip to Ikea, shopping for a big girls bed.  And maybe anything else that falls into my trolley!
What are you grateful for this week?  You can join in with the lovely Maxabella over this way.


  1. that photo is solid gold! I hope you enjoy your girls weekend!

  2. that sounds like the best weekend ever, enjoy it

    how great is that photo???? especially the look on your youngest's face

    Gill xo

  3. OMG, that photo has me screaming with laughter. The expression on her little windblown face is just priceless. Thanks for sharing that one!

    Enjoy your 'girls weekend', everything sounds perfect. x

  4. Hehe love that photo!
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  5. I need to schedule something like this for me and my girl. Soak it up and enjoy x

  6. Hope that you are having a great weekend. Crochet skills and Champagne - not sure they go well together:)

  7. A weekend with the girls sure is the cheapest therapy ever. Okay, not entirely cheap, but certainly worth every minute! Love that photo. SO CUTE!

  8. Hope you had a fabulous girly weekend! Sounds like perfect fun!
    And that photo of your kids in the wind on the boat is adorable!


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