Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Countdown...

Do you know that there are only 62 days till Christmas???

Does this send you into wild panic or is that just me???

I really wanted to try for some handmade goodness this Christmas but am not sure how much I will manage with so few days to go!  Last year I crocheted a bunch of Pip's Christmas baubles to attach to each person's pressie... they may just get a repeat!

And I also joined up for this today....



  1. Yes - it does send me into a mild panic!! I wanted to be organised this year! Last year just got too much. I'm still in front even if I start getting on track now. I am off to check out the haby goddess now...

  2. My goodness, look at you getting yourself all organised. I noticed the Chrissy decorations in the shops for the first time yesterday. Angus said to me "what are those Mama?" I was so taken back with the idea of Christmas being upon us, I had to think about the question for a moment ;o)
    I am SO not ready for the festive season.


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