Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My creative space....

I am currently mired in what can only be described as Lego Party Prep Hell!

Who thought it would be a good idea to make lego men gingerbread????  Gingerbread dough is the devil to work with and I cannot tell you how many of these guys got rolled back up again before I finally worked out a system for baking without breaking!

Basically - roll out your dough, press your cookie shape into it ensuring you wiggle it in nice and hard so that you cut right through the dough to the baking paper underneath.  Carefully remove all the excess dough then use kitchen scissors to cut around each shape so that what you eventually end up with is lots of lego men sitting on their own individual pieces of baking paper! 
Time consuming - yes! 
Uses lots of baking paper - yes! 
 Not needing a mental institution every time you transfer an uncooked cookie to the cooking tray only to have it break apart on you - yes!

This is the only food prep I have done so far... and the party is on Saturday.  A day which is now forecast to have all day rain and thunderstoms.  And I have 18 children and their parents arriving at my house for 2 hours.  And between now and then I have an induction program to attend in the city for my new job, after school swimming, classroom parent help, a Transition Prep session to attend, balloons to pick up, party tables and chairs to collect, an entire house to clean, a birthday cake to make and back up indoor party activities to think about just in case that weather forecast actually comes true! 

And my inlaws are staying with us...for two our house...for two weeks...staying right in the room next to our bedroom....for two weeks.

Far more (and less whingy, whiney) creative peeps hang out here on Thursdays.


  1. You're an amazing Mama and a bloody legend for hosting your in-laws for any longer than 2 hours... 2 WEEKS, my friend are you mad!? ;o)
    Those gingerbread lego men are incredible. I really hope you intend to post pics of this fabulous partay :o) xo

  2. So where did you get the lego cookie cutter from?
    You are making such a special effort for this birthday. One very very lucky birthday boy. Good luck with the remainder for your preparations.

  3. They look awesome - I agree where did you get the lego man cookie cutter from? Also do you mind if I 'pin' the image to my pinterest board? (Obviously linking back to you of course!) Jenny :)

  4. okay - FEELING the pain. Gingerbread is so one of those things that seems cool until you have to make 700 of the things with limbs coming off at every turn. These look amazing though. Good luck for the next 2 weeks!

  5. It sounds like the birthday to beat all birthdays! Just break out the voddie and lime, or what ever is you fancy, and enjoy the day! I think i'd ditch the classroom help and the prep transition, but then I'm a slack mum! :) Oh and I think the house would just have to have that lived in feel! haha... Good luck with it all! Julie:)

  6. Um, yep, been there with the lego party madness. The gingerbread lego men are looking awesome, and you are doing an amazing job, especially with everything else you have going on. Hope it all goes fabulously on the weekend!

  7. Wow busy! Love the lego gingerbread, I would also like to know where you got the cookie cutter. Hope it all goes well!

  8. They look gorgeous (even if they were tough) - worth it!!! All the best for Saturday!! Looking forward to the pics - great theme!!


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