Monday, October 17, 2011

OMG - look what just arrived from America for me!

I ordered one for me and one for my sister! The postage was a little expensive but I took Chantelle's advice, emailed them asking for cheaper options and lo and behold they sent me a code to get $25 off.  As a bonus the planner included the rest of this year too so I can start using it right away!  I plan on taking it to my kinder committee meeting tonight and filling it all in with my busy life whilst pretending to listen to riveting conversation about policy review!

And yes, they are totally personalised stickers just for me to give out on gorgeous gifts!


  1. oooh nice, I need me a memory is totally hopeless at the moment!

  2. Oooo fancy schmancy! Gorgeous planner, it's nice to be all la-de-da when planning your hectic schedule. Awesome you got the discount, goes to show it never hurts to ask :o) xo

  3. hey Sonia, since reading this I am desperately needing a diary/planner.
    just wanted to ask, do you absolutely LOVE this, is it worth the $
    thanks lovely ♥


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