Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isaac is 5

26 October 2006
Isaac, five years ago I gave birth to your adorably large self!  Our second boy, now our middle child, you are quite the character. 
You love nothing more than making yourself and everyone around you laugh, primarily with toilet humour.  You love cuddles and would trade your sister if it meant you could sleep with us in our bed every night. 
You think about things a lot, ask questions about everything and are currently obsessed with your birth story and associated photos!  You can scoot like a demon, build amazing lego creations and are quite the self-talker when playing with your toys.  I love nothing more than sneakily listening to your chatter when you are playing on your own. 
You simply cannot clean up after yourself!  Apparently your legs get crazy and bored at the exact moment your room might need tidying up or the 700 pieces of lego that you have spread all over the house need picking up.  You find it impossible to walk more than 5 metres at any shop but can play forever at the playground.
You are a great little brother most of the time and a great big brother most of the time.  People seem to be drawn to your cheekiness, your dimples, your smile and you have found the loveliest little group of friends at kinder.
We love the little man you are turning into and I'm so proud that I got to be your mum.
Happy birthday gorgeous boy.  We love you forever.


  1. Awwww what a beautiful post. Happy birthday to your lovely wee man!

  2. Oh what a gorgeous tribute to your lovely big boy Isaac. He was an adorably chubby bubby, just like my two little big men ;o)
    Such precious words for him to look back on one day. Happy Birthday little guy, hope you have a top day :o) xo

  3. Cherish . What a fantabulous boy you have there. Happy happy birthday.


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