Monday, November 7, 2011

A little giveaway

For no other reason than I have been cleaning up after one party ready to move onto the next, I decided these might like to go to a new home...

One pale grey lego man t-shirt size 6 (The yellow man has been ironed on then sewn on for good measure!)
Some paper lego men bunting which alternate between blank men and happy birthday men
One lego minifigure

The t-shirt and the minifigure are leftovers from Isaac's party.  My boys have sooooo much of the stuff I dont think they'll miss one little man!  The lego men bunting I had printed on some firm quality paper at Officeworks.  We have strung some up in Isaac's room post party which he thinks is pretty cool.

Would you like them?

They can be yours if you:

follow my blog, leave me a comment (about anything really) and live in Australia!

I'll randomly draw a winner next Monday night (14/11/2011).

Good luck.


  1. my Boy Blue loves lego..He plays it from first thing in the morning all day long! He would be wrapped with a tshirt with a lego man on it..

  2. ohh too cute - my son would love that t-shirt xx

  3. ooo ooo i have 2 boys that would just love this, i think i might even steal your party idea for the next birthday you did such a great job on your party, i'll be in the giveaway please. xx

  4. WOW! What a wonderful giveaway. Loving the shirt & the fancy wancy lego man bunting. Brilliant. And the mini-figure too cool.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win... with a party coming up to plan I've got my fingers crossed.

  5. I LOVE Lego! I wander past the Lego aisle and look wistfully at all the cool packs I can't afford! My son is 20 and still gets out his Lego sometimes and tinkers. I love it that he still does that.

    I know a great Playgroup that would love to benefit from your giveaway! :)

  6. Leggo is the best, we inherited a family collection that has kept my son amused for days and days - he hasn't had much new stuff and would be pretty excited.


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