Friday, November 11, 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

Oh the joy of returning to work!  I get to wear grown up lady shoes!  Necklaces!  Pretty clothes!  I get to talk to other grown ups!  Use my brain!   Earn some of my own money!

And most importantly, I get to go to the loo on my own and you just gotta be grateful for that!!!

(btw - those wedges are from Keds and they have to be the most comfortable things ever!!!)


  1. Sounds lovely :) Especially the going to the loo alone - blissful.

  2. Those shoes are fabulous! You and I must have very similar taste! :)
    And I so get the loo thing. Being a WAHM means I don't get that luxury! :(

  3. Ooo gorgeous wedges... love a spunky looking wedge! :o)
    How funny, as I exit the workforce, you re-enter it! Those things you mention ARE fantastic perks of being back there though. Enjoy my friend :o) xo

  4. And don't forget - drink your coffee/tea while it's still hot :-P Although the loo thing is a huge luxury too. And your wedges are amazing!

  5. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I just started back at work one day a week a couple of months ago and... o the joy of going to the toilet ALL BY MYSELF! And dressing up... sigh... and drinking a coffee and not worrying someone will try to climb up me...
    Of course my little ones crying when I drop them off at daycare is not so good... but I am so with you on grateful for work!
    (And love the shoes!)


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