Sunday, November 6, 2011


Oh tis Sunday night and I am OVER it, officially like.  Family member number four has come down with the gastro and I am fairly certain my entire house must smell like a combination of poop and vomit.  Nice.

Add to this, my husband informed me this evening that the stain on our loungeroom roof that we thought was rain leaking through the roof tiles, is not actually rain. 

It is a dead, decomposing rat.

Now, anyone want to come over for coffee and cake this week?

(how could I possible include a picture with this post???  What on earth would it be of???)


  1. Euwww! You will look back and laugh... no really - you will... maybe not yet, maybe not for a few years.. but one day... Ahh poor you, gastric bugs are rotten.. as are dead rats in fact! Chin up chuck! :)x

  2. oh dear! Things are not going well at your house! I'm quite glad you did not include a photo either!

  3. Rat Juice!!
    ewww!! Hope everything gets better soon!! xo

  4. Oh for f's sake! You poor lamb. x

  5. oh thats gross.. damn rats, we've had them eating all our vegie patch out the back of our land.. nasty little rodents~!


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