Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

"why, I'd be delighted to put my needs last again"

Saw this card at the shops this morning.  Did not have the $5.95 needed to purchase it and put it front and centre on my fridge.  Will have to go back for it when I actually have money.


  1. If you love that sort of think, check out It's awesomeut not for those that get easily offended!)!xx

  2. hahahahah!!!! well that about sums up motherhood!!! xx

  3. Oh they tease me with these at the Post Office. I sent the one where the lady has 3 boys & a baby girl in a highchair sayign "who are these people & why do they keep calling me mum??" to my sister-in-law who happens to have 3 boys then a girl (now aged 21 to 14) & the clincher - she's taking care of my parents, my mother has Alzheimer's & doesn't know who some of we children are anymore. Wildly inappropriate, but sometimes you have to laugh. What Posie

  4. Haha, these cards are brilliant! I have a couple of friends who buy these kinds of cards for me for every occasion. I really appreciate receiving them too, as they're so clever and funny. It's so annoying when you need/want something and have no cash on you! :o) xo


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