Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My creative space... Rainbow Party Prep!

Even though the rainbow party is still a week or so away, the cakes had to be baked (and are now sitting colourfully frozen in the freezer)!  We are just a bit snowed under at the moment with Christmas, Birthdays, School, Prep Transition, the sale of our beach house and the need to clean it out by early December, my new job, my husbands work travel.... I could blather on but I imagine that many of us are all in the same boat, yes?

So yes, those babies got baked early and they are soooo pretty!  If you look closely in the background you can see that my baking methods rely quite heavily on drinking alcohol and baking butter cakes from packet mix (dont tell!!!).

I finished these babies too this week.... and yes they are Cloudy Rainbow Ribbon Dancing Wands!  They were quite simple to do although they involved a number of glue gun burns.  Those things are tricky to manage!

The rainbow cake and the rainbow ribbon wand tutorials can be found on my rainbow pinterest board.

You can join in 'my creative space' too if you like. 


  1. You're awesome. That is all.
    (can't wait to see how this rainbow party comes together) :o) xo

  2. wow - pretty dedicated taking on a party with so much going on - cakes look beautiful indeed.

  3. Looking fabulous! The effort you girls put in is outstanding..I am just a little ashamed of myself party-wise...x

  4. Ahhh I so want a rainbow cake and rainbow cloud wands for my next birthday! Beautifully cute! x

  5. I bet that cake will be yummy and I love the wands!
    I'm off to check I follow your rainbow board.... :-)

  6. Very much looking forward to rainbow party! These look awesome. Feeling particularly snowed under here too and no, not ready for christmas at all!


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