Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quilting 101

There are no fancy sewing feet around these parts!  There are no fancy instructions!  There is loads of guessing and guesstimating!  There is a vague knowledge that quilts exist and have a front and back and middle.  And that's about where I am up to.

I bought a pack of pretty squares and sewed them all together.  Who needs a quarter inch foot when you can just use the edge of whatever foot you have on your maching as a guide!?  I went to Spotlight and had a nice lady tell me I needed cotton batting to pop in the middle and have just used some housy Ikea fabric for the back.  I just pinned all three layers together and now I am about to stitch down the lines where all the squares meet - I believe this is called 'stitching in the ditch'!  I am sooooo quilt savvy!

And look, here's an appallingly bad iphone photo of where I am up to! 

I shall report back on whether this was successful sans walking foot on my machine! 

A wee birdy also told me I might not even have to use bias binding on the edges of the quilt!  Apparently if I trim it down nice and neatly round all four sides, I should be able to just fold the housy fabric over (like a skirt hem) and sew it down and use that as the binding!

Real quilters must be having a conniption about now!


  1. I think it's looking lovely, despite your haphazard approach ;o) You always do a lovely job of the crafty things you undertake xo

  2. You're just in there having a go, aren't you! I hope it all comes together for you, Sonia. Oh and apply Christmas!!! x


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