Monday, December 5, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Part One

Matilda had such a lovely birthday yesterday.  Being super organised payed off because it meant that we could have a nice relaxed morning, opening presents and revelling in our baby being three, before the Rainbow Party in the afternoon. 

We kept it fairly small and simple and it really was lovely.  And of course, Rainbow Cakes Rock!

Prepare yourself to be photobombed!!!

The Rainbow Outfit
Me and my baby girl

 Attempting to get nice family photos in this house is clearly a waste of time!

 It's not Rainbow party hair without Rainbow Ribbons (Spotlight) and the most adorable Rainbow clip (GiddyGiddy) that my girlfriend arrived at the party with!

The Party Table
m&m shots, marshmallow clouds, fairy bread, hundreds and thousands biscuits, popcorn, chips, snakes, rainbow chocolate balls.... and of course The Cake (which deserves a post all on it's own!)

Looooove Cake Bunting!!!!

Love these girls debating the merits of which colour m&m shot is best!

The Entertainment
 Rainbow Drawing Table

Rainbow Pinata (Spotlight)

Pass the Parcel

There was also lots of self entertainment.  Thank goodness for trampolines, slides and backyard swings!

The Decorations
 My girlfriend made these Rainbow Tissue Paper Pom Poms!  Super easy and super lovely!  I have them hanging in Matilda's room now cause they were too pretty to get rid of!

 These linkyloos balloons I found in the party shop but I have also seen them in my supermarket too.

Rainbow bunting I whipped up!  Also now hanging in Miss M's room!

Matilda was well and truly spoilt in the gift department too and as the day progressed she became very savvy at sticky tape removal and wrapping paper ripping!
I will post the marvellous rainbow cake in the next day or so.  I think it has been my favourite cake so far for wow factor and highly recommend everyone give one a go.

I also had loads more ideas and things that I wanted to do for this party but simply ran out of time in the few days leading up to it due to new work commitments and an absent husband.  My rainbow pinterest board is full of inspiration if you are looking for ideas.


  1. Oh I LOVE it all! What a beautiful party. Everything looks perfect, the skirt, cake, party table, entertainment, food! WOWZERS you did a great job!
    Have to say, that is one cool photo of the 3 kids... priceless!
    The top shot is gorgeous, Matilda is just like her Mama :o)
    And I remember those rainbow ribbons from when I was little, I had those!

  2. Gorgeous. Adore her outfit and the cake bunting. You've done an amazing job!! Happy birthday to Mathilda! x

  3. Oh well done!!!!!!! All looks fantastic! I'm most impressed with the 'relaxed before the party' comment! That is my goal! Haven't quite managed it yet! The whole thing looks just fantastic! The skirt, the ribbons, the bunting, not to mention the awesome cake!!

  4. Brilliance! My goodness, thanks for all the inspiration here - it's sensational. J x


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