Sunday, December 18, 2011

We survived our Santa Photo!

I totally want to get that printed on a t-shrit to wear proudly for the rest of the festive season, because 'survive' we did!

It took numerous bribes of chocolate, money to waste in the Timezone located nearby and in the end, me pretending to 'steal' Santa's bell for Matilda to even look in the direction of the camera!  I honestly wish there were secret camera's set up behind Santa's chair catching the perfomance us mum's put on to get our children on Santa's knee and smiling.  They are Oscar worthy!

And looky what I found yesterday in Sportsgirl of all places and on sale...

A Beci Orpin embroider your own cushion!  Love it!  She must have done a collaboration with Sportsgirl or something.  They had some other cute things in there too that I could have gone troppo on but I find that store to bright and cheery and youthful for my liking these days.  All those bouncy, smiley, half naked sales assistants can be very intimidating!

Hope you are having a happy Sunday!


  1. It's really so funny watching the parents, you're right! We did our santa photo yesterday, the boys were hilarious, exhausted be the time we had our turn, but at least I didn't have to get in it this year!
    Nice little find there. I did see some nice things on their gifting table too and I came across some kabwares garden markers in susan! x

  2. Haha! LOVE the Santa photo! You did a stella job of getting your little beauties to look happy AND in the right direction :o) What a keeper!
    And get yourself into Sportsgirl and buy up whatever takes your fancy, you are NEVER too old to buy bright, cheery, youthful things... maybe not the midriffs, but there is something in there for everyone :o)
    P.S. You won, you won, YOU WON on my giveaway, yee hah! :o)

  3. Ha ha this so rings true both me and Mr C made an array of silly noises trying to get our 10 month little princess to look at the camera and actually hold her head up all while our 5 year old sat there very patiently waiting to tell Santa his never ending list of all the things he wants. xx

  4. Great Santa shot. The moon and stars all aligned nicely for us this year... which is a first!

    Wishing you and your family a very very Merry Christmas.


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