Monday, December 12, 2011


Baked these 'reindeer' cupcakes lastnight for my son's cupcake day at school.  When he saw them this morning he laughed... and not in a good way!

Took my baby girl to the doctor after she had been bitten 32 times by mosquitos, 12 of which are on her poor little face.  Gave her a non-drwosy antihistamene.  She slept for 14 hours straight.

Packed up our beach house which finally sold. 

Got exposed to far too much flesh whilst assisting a lady in the changerooms at my newish job.  And when I say far too much flesh I mean, just her in her knickers and bra... and she need a bikini wax... from her knees up!  I am not sure I get paid enough to look at that.

Finished all my Christmas shopping.  Now I just have to post most of it back to Tasmania.

Got addicted to Handmade Ryan Gosling.

How was your weekend?


  1. Well I think they're cute cupcakes! My little one got attacked by mozzies over the weekend too. Scratched them so much she keeps bleeding. Your poor little munchkin with so many :( Congrats on the selling of beach house. What on earth is your new job?!

  2. You are so hilarious, love your funny posts :o)
    I think those reindeers are da bomb... and when I saw them, I kind of wanted to steal the idea, because I spent all day searching for cute Christmas recipes and ended up making gingerbread cookies... how unoriginal!
    Your poor little lady, that is hideous, damned mosquitoes :o(
    Hehe, love the description of your close encounter, eewww, I wonder if she was in the least bit embarrassed?? No shame??? xo

  3. they are awesome!!.... love them creative mumma. x

  4. Love your reindeer cupcakes we did reindeer noses for the kiddies at school I sense we might of had a bit of ESP for the kiddies. I'm loving the handmade Ryan Gosling so funny just saw them today on pinterest love your link to more though thanks. xx


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