Friday, December 9, 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

It's been too long since I have joined in with Maxabella and her wonderful grateful posts.  The thing is I started a part-time job which is mostly work on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturdays too just for fun!  So unless I am super organised with pre-blogging and then scheduling posts I kinda miss the boat. And I do miss it.  So much so I have added to my Christmas wishlist - I would love one of these Gratitude books from Kikki K and praps one of those instant polaroid cameras too for quick happy snaps of the things I'm grateful for which can then be pasted into the book!  Fabulous idea, yes?

Iphone snaps this week include these two beauties!  Isaac had school uniform dress up day at kinder and he was so excited.  Seeing all those little people in their too big uniforms was really funny.  Isaac has had such a wonderful two years at kinder but is totally ready for big school with his brother.  Today we found out he who his teacher is (she's fabulous!), where his classroom is and when he starts.  The countdown has begun!

And, oh my, how the tears began when I popped my poppet into her too big kinder t-shirt for kinder orientation this afternoon.  My tears, not hers!  I am generally not a cryer when sending the smalls off to school but this third and last one is breaking my heart a little.  I texted my husband this picture asking him where my baby had gone and praps suggesting another one might be in order...!  I'm thinking he thinks he's pretty safe since we recently paid a small fortune to my gynaecologist to ensure there'd be no more (a whole other story about why it costs everyone else $35 to get that lovely Mirena IUD  and yet ended up costing us almost a $1000!!!)!

This week I'm grateful for these small people and these big school milestones.  I feel really lucky that they are gorgeous kids, who go to gorgeous schools and have gorgeous teachers that look after them when I'm not!


  1. time is so elusive isn't it? sometimes so fast, other times it drags...

    xx georgi

  2. I was one of those happy to have them at school already moms, but now appreciate with awe how insanely big a leap occurred between kindy and year 1. They are big people so fast!

    adorable photos!!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  3. Awww such beautiful little poppets. I don't blame you for a second, I will be useless when my first chick starts school the year after next... useless I tell you!

  4. Oh those milestones can be heartbreaking can't they?
    I look at my little 3yo man and wonder about another too... (its not happening!)

  5. Those moments when you realise that your babies are growing up are so poignant - such a happy and exciting time as well as a bit sad!
    They all look so cute in their uniforms and t-shirts!

  6. It's so good to see you! Your kikki k idea sounds brilliant. I hope you'll come share some of your pages with us from time to time too.

    Kinder tears are great big sobs, aren't they!? I wept when Maxi clung to my leg like a bewildered barnacle and I howled when Cappers sauntered on without a backward glance. Can't win!! x

  7. Gorgeous kids! Big sobs from me after my first started school, will probably be no different for no. 2 next year and I don't want to think about what will happen when I lose 2 at once the year after next. Curious about your $1000 little expense there! Mel


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