Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boys are Hilarious. The End.

I've had some extra boys in the 'hood today!  I figured we'd get all our playdates over with in one big hit.  And we have... one big hit of toilet humour! 

Imagine if you will that Rainbows and Lollipops song on repeat all day, except they don't sing Rainbows and Lollipops.  They sing 'Poo, poo, poopoopoo.  Poo, poo, poopoopoo!'  Repeatedly.

There was a group attempt at pushing me in the lake.  With the ducks.

No-one shared their milo icecream with me.

Dog poo was trekked into my house.  Onto my brown carpet.  I can smell it, I just can't see it.

And a child dropped the 'f' bomb... and it wasn't one of mine.


  1. That sounds soooo much like my little nephews. It's all about poo poo and wee wee heads and fart jokes!
    I can't believe you missed out on milo ice cream. Oh the humanity...

  2. Wow! SOOOO much to look forward to!


  3. I was almost about to type 'boys!'. But I have a little girl that seems to get just as much enjoyment out of toilet humor as the boys! I'll never think of that song the same again!

  4. Oh you're a saint taking on extras lady... though I fear this will also be expected of me one day too! Must admit I do kinda like the boy humour sometimes, they are just little rascals aren't they?! Great photos xo

  5. Yes they are fab and toilet humour is so funny.....apparently!!! Miss 3 at our place loves to get onto it if Mr 5 has a friend over ( I think she feels she needs to so shes not left out)!! Great photos.

  6. WHat is it with the poo talk? My 4 year old won't let up on it...

    rachel x


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