Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter on the iphone

how to make bunny prints...

Apparently Easter Bunny brings DVD's too!

Chocolate for Breakfast

Climbing up Hanging Rock (my sister and her family are staying with us for Easter... we have a very full house!)

Some cousin love for Oscar from Ava

Could Oscar look less impressed!

Girly time!

My sister and my sister-in-law

From left to right...
Lionesslady, my niece Taylor, Isaac, Mr Lionesslady, Matilda, my brother Stephen, my niece Ava, sister-in-law Anitha, brother-in-law Stan, Oscar, my sister Tania.

How Matilda travels!

And look....
...we found Miranda!


  1. Oh what wonderful pics! Lots of happy faces and fun being had there my lady friend. Sounds like a top Easter... shame Easter only happens once a year! xo

  2. I keep meaning to do bunny footprints evey year and forget every year! Glad you all came back from Hanging Rock - I remember the movie..... Beautiful place though. Looks like fun times!

  3. Oh, those bunny pics! Tooo cute!

    Looks like the perfect weekend. xx


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