Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finders Keepers... losers, weepers (especially if you missed out!)

I made it!  To Finders Keepers!  With 3 children!  I even managed to look at a few lovely crafty stalls and interact with a grown up or two!  I may also have hissed wildly at a naughty five year old who stood at the front entrance and declared loudly that this was the most boring place he'd ever been!  I may also have cringed embarrassingly at some comments from my MIL about how expensive some of the 'rubbishy craft' was! Said in front of stall holders!  Within their hearing distance!

Frankly, I could have spent a fortune but I could only ram so many people with my stroller to get closer to stalls before I started getting the evil glare.  And man it was busy!  Three, four and five deep in most places and whilst I was desperate to try a Taco from the Beatbox kitchen caravan out the front, those crowds you see in that first picture all had the same idea! 

Just two of my cute purchases...
...teeny tiny babushka earings!

...gorgeous granny square tshirt!

I will totes be going again when it's in town!  Without children!  Or visiting MIL's!


  1. I was telling my sis about the crazy taco truck queues lastnight... and then I showed her your instagram pic. OMG even worse today!

  2. Oh my! You were crazy like me too! I went their this afternoon for some torturous crowd shoving, crafty delights. I only took my daughter and a friend and even we felt overwhelmed. with a pram it was just so difficult to get even near some stalls, and to be honest, I don't think they set it out very flow with the stalls... they should have used more of the was way to crowed for my liking. I only came away with a few lovelies from Bespoke Press! Love those babushka earrings! xx

  3. Haha, had to laugh at this... I always think it's best to do those kind of things solo... saves all those 'awkward' comments and frustrating pram traffic jams. Sounds like an awesome market. Love your purchases, the babushka's are SO cute! xo

  4. oh no, so sorry you didnt get to enjoy it more. i went on the sat bright & early. in by 10 out by 12 & i had NO kids in tow (strict instructions to hubby who dragged 3 kids to auskick) i agree with the set out, it didnt flow & was way to crammed. check out my blog for my little treasures i bought :)


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