Thursday, April 19, 2012

My creative space... Corner Granny Blanket

(one of these days I will learn to take decent photos that dont't inlcude using an iphone!)

Well, I finished it.  And I'm still not sure about it.  I looooved the whole concept of the corner granny when I first saw it, but I think I've gone with the wrong colour combination and the more I look at the original pattern colours the more I realise I liked the corner granny with those actual colours!  Damn and bugger!

Anyway, size wise it would clearly suit a brand new small person when they venture out and about in their pram and it's nice and soft as I used this lovely Panda cotton blend.

I'm thinking I might sell it if anyone wants it.  There are no new babies in my hood at the moment so I cant gift it to anyone I know.


Our creative spaces is right this way if you feel like joining in this week.


  1. I hate it when that happens (vision doesn't equal reality)! Might not be the one you wanted, but I am sure it will someone else a very nice blanket:) Cyndy

  2. It looks so lovely and I really love the colours your have chosen... Gorgeous!

  3. well i think it's just divine! well done's a nice take on an original granny....perhaps you need to put it away for a few days and when you see it again, those colours will look different!

  4. It's beautiful, Sonia. No babies on the horizon here either, but someone will snap up this treasure! x

  5. Looks lovely! I really like the geometric design :)

  6. Oh it looks wonderful lady, really gorgeous colours and beautiful crocheting. I've said it before, but you're very talented indeed xo

  7. I am working on one of these also...I really like your colors.


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