Friday, April 20, 2012

A glass and a half of... the unexpected!

How often is that people truly surprise you? 
In the preparation and planning for Oscar's Angry Birds party next week I went in search of those candy covered easter eggs that look like baby bird eggs.  Cause you know, those birds are angry cause the piggies stole their eggs and all!  I figured if I was able to find a few bags I could pack them up into clear bags, whack an angry bird picture on the top and my take home party treats would be done!

Source: via Sonia on Pinterest
(I'll be using some of these FREE printables!)
I slowly realised after traipsing into eleventy supermarkets, I had left my easter egg hunt a wee bit late.  All that was left on the shelves where the daggy chocolates that never quite taste like chocolate.  As a last resort I rang the Cadbury factory (which just so happens to be about 10 minutes down the road from me) to see if they could tell me anyone who might still have said candy chocolate eggs in stock.  I had a lovely chat with a gorgeous lady called Angela who I told my Angry Bird Egg tale of woe too and she thus directed me to the onsite Cadbury shop in the hopes that they would have some.  A quick phone call later and yes they did, but I was most certainly not going to be able to purchase them as I was not staff, did not work in the Emergency Services and did not have a not-for-profit Community card that is sometimes handed out to kindergartens and the like for fundraising!  So there!  Cause that was basically her attitude!  Angela had said that if I discovered them in their shop to call her back and see what she could arrange which I promptly did wondering how on earth we were going to get past the scary shop lady. 

This lovely lady, whom I had never met, instead offered to walk down to the shop in her lunchbreak, purchase the eggs and meet me in the carpark for a surreptitious handover!  How sweet is that!  It did feel like an illicit drug handover as she scurried through the security gate and I ventured forth out my my big black van with tinted windows!  I made sure I included a little crafty treat with my money and could not stop telling her that I thought she was an angel with chocolate wings!
Thanks Angela!!!

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  1. Oh Angela is indeed an Angel in disguise!! I love stories like makes you feel good that there are good decent people in the world who don't just think of themselves!!!!!


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