Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Forty in France

"At the age of 37,
she realised she'd never ride
through Paris in a sportscar
with the warm wind in her hair...."

But I will at 40!  Yesterday I was proactive enough to open my "Forty in France" account!  I am on my way peeps... with $50!

Donations Welcome!


  1. WooHoo!! Good for you, what a dream..x

  2. Fantastic goal!!!! My husband wants to do the orient express for his fiftieth!! Mind you he hasn't even turned forty yet, but by then our kids will be grown up!! Paris is beautiful.... Why I wished they could just move Australia a bit closer to europe!!,

  3. Oh YAY! It is fun to know that others have this little dream too. I imagine doing the world travelling thing in my forties too, exciting to dream about. But starting the account... well you're practically on your way love xo

  4. i am so excited to meet soemone with the same dream as i. Difference is i am turning the big 40 this year, except not until late Dec. I understand that is not the best time to travel there in Dec as it is so cold so we are planning a late birthday for me in the new year in Paris, without our 3 kids... perfect!


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