Monday, April 30, 2012

Oscar is 8!

We only booked the pool party for the water slide!

Isaac wasn't quite game enough to give it a whirl!

Inflatable pool fun!

Safety first!
Isaac gets a helping hand during water polo!
Angry Birds tableware (ebay!)
The finished Angry Birds Cake!  That poor tim tam wall struggled to stay upright in the car trip to the pool!

The best we could do with the official family photographs!

(Thanks for all the lovely comments on my icing angry birds in the previous post too!  The kids loved them!)


  1. What a superb cake! And I cannot believe it survived a trip in the car - well done you! Happy Birthday Oscar!

  2. You have done an amazing job on that cake! Happy Birthday to your big 8yr old boy! x

  3. Looks like an awesome party lady! Well done on the cake, it's a masterpiece! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy Oscar, lovely photos xoxo

  4. wow - what a great looking birthday bash for Oscar! 8 - eldest will be 6 soon and I'm slightly freaking out how that all happened! The cake looks marvellous and the birthday boy looks so pleased with the whole thing. big pat on the back for you mum! xx

  5. That cake is a brilliant work of art!!! I guess if it had of collapsed, then it would still have looked like angry birds anyway! Well done on a great job!

  6. what an awesome cake!! what a lucky boy & well done :) looks like he had loads of fun.

  7. I can imagine the Tim Tam wall angst (aaargh). I reckon it looks like you earned a glass of something nice at the end of birthday success.


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