Sunday, June 17, 2012

I may be turning into a 'dog' person

Remember this cute little thing we got back in March...
...a sweet little chocolate lab we called Milo.

It occured to me as I was flicking through the Sunday papers this morning, I was more enamoured with the puppy dog page than the new babies page I normally get enthralled in.  Where once I used to check the sweet baby faces, laugh a little at the names these poor peeps will grow up with and struggle to find one that came in weighing more than Isaac, I now look at the puppy dogs and make ridiculous cutesie noises over them instead!

Our 'puppy' has turned into a bouncy, jumping almost 6 month old!
He loooooves Oscar! Is dreadful to walk anywhere because he is just So Excited All Of The Time! And still hardly makes a peep.  From day one he has slept in our laundry overnight with a child safety gate up and has never made a single noise (or attempted to jump over said gate and make himself comfortable anywhere else in the house!) over night.  He's also stopped pooing and weeing in there and kindly waits till we let him out in the morning to do his business.  Really his only naughty behaviour is chewing up every bed we give him!  Lucky they only cost a few dollars at K-mart!

The Rub My Tummy Pose!

Floppy doy ears gets me every time!

He either chews through the zip or rips the corners off to get to the stuffing.... which is then spread far and wide around the backyard!

Which page do you look at first - puppies or poppets???


  1. hmm, im still looking at the poppets!wonder if thats telling me something?? we too have a choc lab (aren they gorgeous) once they hit age 2, they settle down, but like ours, barely makes a peep. Exception though is on a full moon barks at the possums!!

  2. Ha!!! hear ya!!!
    We not long ago adopted a miniture poodle and it is love.
    He is the happiest little pup ad he makes me so happy too.
    I'm with you on the dog pages.

  3. Milo's enough to turn any one into a og person! Delicious!! x

  4. Oh WOW lady, I could seriously take Milo home with me! He is SO gorgeous! He sounds like such a sweet puppy too. I think we need some canine loving in this house actually... the boy's would LOVE it! xo


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