Saturday, June 9, 2012

When the going gets tough...

...the tough wag school and go to the zoo!

We have had two weeks of DAILY school swimming!  TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!  Plus normal after school swimming and life in general.  We were not coping.  Moodiness, crying every night all night, tiredness and oh, the scent of chlorine attached to everything!

To make matters worse, after our nightly screaming shower session on Wednesday I was combing out Isaac's hair and horror of all absolute horrors.... Fucking Head Lice!  Which he then shared with Matilda and Oscar.  Those fuckers (the lice that is not the small people... although they too drive me batty!) have literally driven me crazy.  CRAZY!  My poor sister in law was here with her two little people as well and so we have been ultra paranoid about stopping the invasion from head to head.

So, to the zoo we did go...

Elephants really are amazing animals!

All our cute kids... caught looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME!  Amazing!

Me and my sister in law... and an elephant.  He's the one in the background not the one with the rainbow scarf!

How could I not take photo's of lions??!!!

They are so handsome.

We also found this pride of scary lions too!

The great big orangutan came and sat right at our feet and played peek a boo with the baby.  Sooooo cute!

And this handsome lad decided to give his sweet cousin a ride.  Love his dimples!

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  1. You are so cute lady. LOVE the photos, the one of the kids looking at the camera is gold! And you look gorgeous in your rainbow scarf. The Zoo is a wonderful place... we're long overdue for a visit ourselves.
    And Ewwww that blessed head lice... hope that is out of everyone's hair asap! xo


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