Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sad Sundays

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and you're already in a poop of a mood? 

That was me today.

It starts with a late night, over indulging on garlic bread which you wake up still tasting and then finding your three your olds little head sharing your pillow while you lay curled on your side on the edge of your bed, any sudden movement leaving you on the carpet at your bedside.

Your mood worsens as you end up standing in the freezing cold wind for over an hour watching U8's football.  Instead of being involved in the game in any way, shape or form, your child is the one who spends the entire game jumping in mud, playing with his socks and taking his mouthguard in and out, eleventy billion times!  Let's not forget the other two charming small people attached to your legs also bemoaning the freezing cold wind, their boredom and the lack of worthwhile food items.

Frankly I felt worse because it must have been Peppy Parent Day today as every other parent seemed so happy and proud of their poppets, cheering and clapping at every touch of the ball while all I wanted to do was screech across the football oval to leave his fucking socks alone, stay out of the goddamn mud and at least pretend to be interested in the bloody game!!!!

Kinder maintenance this afternoon had in no way improved my mood.  Taking cold grumpy children and a jumpy puppy to pre school to help sweep and clean was a wild mistake.  Their enthusiasm for raking waned after five minutes, poor Milo freaked the other families' little boy out and again there was a lack of worthwhile food items!  I find it hilarious that out of six families rostered on for the weekend only two managed to show up. 

My Sad (whingy whiney) Sunday is now being Vastly Improved by this large and delicious pepperminty Haighs chocolate frog, a wee bit more random granny joining and for my viewing pleasure The Mentalist and Castle.  For the ad breaks I have the sweet new Mollie Makes magazine at my side!  All the grouchy tired people are in bed, including the husband (who's snoring I can hear from the other end of the house!) so the best bit is I don't have to bloody share with anyone!!!!

First world problems really are so easily solved!
Have you had a Sad Sunday or have you had a Super Sunday?


  1. 'twas a pretty good day here today. Which sadly is not the norm... especially at this time of year when cabin fever sets in and we're all snotty and grumpy.
    I was laughing out loud as I read the start of your day... that is me pretty much every morning. The most unfair part of it is that with the amount of balancing I do on the edge of the balance my core strength should be supreme... but it's not. Go figure. It feels like an intense workout just staying on the bed.
    ... and the snack situation. I hear you. My daughter eats non stop all day. As soon as we finish one meal or snack she's ready for the next one. I never have enough or the right kind of food with me. She lingers around other people with food giving them longing looks, or sometime even just helps herself to their food.
    ...but today was good. The sun shined. We got out of the house. The tantrums could be counted on one hand... not bad at all for a Sunday. for Monday?!?!?!

  2. Oh lovely lady, you poor darling, it sounds like a sucky Sunday, that's for sure. I totally know what you mean too, those days when NOTHING will go right or cut you some slack. Hope the week ahead improves ten fold.
    Your granny squares are looking absolutely beautiful on the positive side. And hope you enjoyed that frog... but only one?? Surely not! xoxo

  3. Now there are 3 things that would lift my mood too, chocolate, Castle and Mollie Makes! I love your honesty in this post - I'm sure there are lots of mums nodding along as they read it.

    Hope your week has improved.

  4. Oh honey!! Mollie made me through last week, after i jarred my elbow (tennis elbow, easy to jar.) You reminded me of my girlfriend (imagine super model looking blonde, but incredibly handy around the garden, she brought her own whipper snipper to a school gardening bee & said she was in a foul mood doing this on her day off, after paying thousands in fees already, then people kept trying to talk to her, OVER the whipper snipper & she had goggles & ear muffs on, seriously!! She said she wanted to lunge at the peppy do gooders (who were all talk, no elbow grease) with the whipper snipper & slice off their legs. She's the sweetest & most adorable person i know, yet, ready to flip out after a long day of thankless school helping. I think everyone secretly loathes football on cold days, you'll see many skulk away to the cars & honk horns for the goals!! Or is that just the worn out high school parents?? Cheer up, the further we get into Winter the closer we get back to Summer. Love Posie

  5. Oh dear... you poor thing ... Yep we all have not so good days! I have a sick little boy with croup, who is currently sitting under a blanket with me whining away and has been for the last few hours... poor thing but it is driving me a little bit nuts! At least we are inside in the warm! Glad you didn't have to share your chocolate... sounds like you needed it! I hope your week has improved! :)


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